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Hello, today Im’ gonna talk about DotA 2, one of THE best games of today, it stands for Defense of the Ancients 2 and was developed through Warcraft III. DotA 2 was powered by Valve making it much more advanced than it’s original form, DotA.

DotA 2 is availiable through Steam since 9th July 2013.

I’ts a multiplayer game which focus on destroyign the enemy’s base. Every player controlls a character, which is a “hero” and starts on level 1 going all the way to level 25, bigger leve, bugger strength, bigger power.

If you like multiplayer games like World of Warcraft and League of Legends, this game is for you. Basshunter even made a song about this game, go hear it and play at the same time.

Ok, you are interested and you like it but you don’t feel like you have the skills?


What is dota 2 hack?

No problem! With this DotA 2 hacks you can leave all of that behind and be the best! This hack is 100% secure, you won’t be banned, Valve won’t even know you’re using it in the first place…

With this hack you’ll be able to see other players on the map, including enemies and interest points. It also includes a level upgrader, to upgrade your character, just like that! With this hack you’ll be the best, why aren’t you using it already?!

Just download it, open the ReadMe and take a look at it, then open the hack and generate the features you want.

It also includes a DotA 2 Store credit generator, used to buy in-game items like Equipment, Tools, Couries, Announcers and Tournament Items.



DotA 2 Hack features:
-Map hack – Locate enemies and much more without they knowing where you are;
-Level upgrader – Upgrade your hero’s level
-DotA 2 Store credit generator – generate unlimited credits to buy in-game items.

So, get playing!



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